Best Golf Push Cart for Your Ultimate Golf Experience

Though golf has gained a lot of popularity and acceptance among the younger players, golf push carts remain in high demand. In our post, we will provide you with a list of some of the best products.

The market for golf push carts has expanded a lot in recent years. For this reason, choosing the right product has become increasingly difficult. The push carts of today are very different from the golf cart wheels that your grandfather was used to. These days these carts come with plenty of bells and whistles.

So let’s begin with best golf push cart reviews!

Top Golf Push Cart Reviews

Best Golf Push Cart
  • Clicgear Model 3.5+
  • Dimensions: 10 x 13 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Color: Charcoal/Black
  • Made In: Hong Kong
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Best Golf Push Cart
  • CaddyTek EZ-Fold
  • Dimensions: 53.5 x 31.3 x 44.9 inches
  • Weight: 18.4 pounds
  • Color: Lime
  • Made In: N/A
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Best Golf Push Cart
  • Clicgear Model 8 Golf Push Cart
  • Dimensions: 10 x 13 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Made In: N/A
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Best Golf Push Cart
  • CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart
  • Dimensions: 53.5 x 27.2 x 45.7 inches
  • Weight: 12.2 pounds
  • Color: Black/Green
  • Made In: N/A
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Best Golf Push Cart
  • CaddyTek Super Deluxe Quad
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 18.01 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Made In: N/A
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Clicgear 3.5

Best Golf Push CartThe Clicgear push cart has a compact, simple, and reliable design that weighs just 18 pounds. This product comes 13” x 15” x 24” in dimension for easy transportation and storage your golf equipment.

The Clicgear is ideal for those players who prefer durable and lightweight golf pull cart. The carts equipped with aluminum tubing, scratch resistant, and the wheels are maintenance free, which ensures you to carry your golf equipment with you due to aircraft grade. This best study option prevents the cart to turn to roll.

Plenty of storage is accessible with this product such as storage net, built-in scorecard full console, pencil, golf ball, and tee holders. Additionally, umbrella mount, cup holders, and other accessory tabs to present additional storage compartments. There is a hand brake to prevent your cart from rolling.

The design of brake comes with a new and updated design, which decreases the cable wear. The slide to close is the great feature that makes it the best golf push cart. This mechanism of slide-to-close provides a facility to you to effortlessly closed and opened.

This Clicgear 3.5 model accommodates with all bag sizes. The bag straps also come with a push cart that keeps the golf bag secure and you can adjust the strap according to your needs and requirements. This cart is available in different colors such as Charcoal/Lime, Charcoal/Black, White, Orange, and Blue.

Players can enjoy this small footprint with full featured to present durable, compact, and original push cart. This cart is user-friendly that presents easy ways to set up with a lightweight option. The three wheels make the pushing cart easily because it allows you to move it easily and not much effort is required.


  • The lightweight cart offers excellent storage and transportation for you on the course
  • The cart is resistant to scratches and its aluminum tubing is aircraft grade
  • Available in different colors
  • The cart has a very small footprint
  • Easy to set up


  • The colors of the push cart are not accurately described

CaddyTek EZ

Best Golf Push CartThe Caddy Tek EZ is a great choice because it is easy to fold with one button only. The frame of this cart is made by using strong aluminum. The weight of this product is not more than 18.5 lbs. It has EVA maintenance-free three-wheel cart with 53.5 x 31.3 x 44.9-inches dimension. It gives the golfer a perfect balance as well as traction on types of terrain.

There are plenty of compartments that are used to hold the golf accessories. A mesh net and inbuilt cooler basket, storage rack, and umbrella holder. It is accessible in any colors such lime, red, dark gray and silver.

A foot brake is also equipped with this CaddyTek golf cart, which works on the mechanism of pushing. It is designed by using high-quality components that make the product more durable. It provides a convenient way to carry own club effortlessly. The one big advantage is that you can present the more effort and focus on enhancing the golf scores.

The manufacturer provides you only one-year warranty. The handles are designed ergonomically, which have adjustable and padded handles. These handles provide many pushing positions such as umbrella holder, scorecard, and another accessory holder.

What’s more? The design of the bag holder is perfect to keep the gear safe on the course. Convenient cooler storage baskets present a storage area for holding your additional accessories. The EZ is a mechanism for folding this push cart for increasing the portability.

This lightweight and unique push cart come in a compact design to make it popular on the market. The three-wheel cart is the ideal for the player because wheels present the consistency and versatility.


  • The frame of this pushcart features strong aluminum
  • The lightweight cart has a very small footprint and it is very easy to maneuver
  • It features maintenance-free three-wheel design and provides you with a perfect balance as well as traction on different terrains
  • The pushcart features a mesh net along with an inbuilt cooler basket
  • There are a storage rack and umbrella holder as well


  • It is a bit difficult to set up

Clicgear 8

Best Golf Push CartThe Clicgear especially designed this model 08 for the cart bags only. This dimension 15 x 17 x 27 inches presents an easy to fold with slide to close feature. This feature allows the players to fold and unfold the pull cart effortlessly and quickly. You just have to follow the two simple and easy steps for folding and unfolding the push carts.

An oversized console is large to store the additional golf balls, tees, club, and other equipment, which is compulsory for the player to increase the game score. A lid locks with the help of magnet while playing for your convenience.

Moreover, the strap also comes with a product that provides secure storage and transport. The Clicgear model 8 push carts are comes with long and extra wide wheelbase to present ultra-stability. Numerous compartments are also accessible with this cart such as cup holder, umbrella mount, and other related equipment.

The Clicgear presents the quick and easy adjust the front both wheels alignment. You can align the wheel by using the simple screw. It ensures the player to drag or pull your push cart in a straight way and as your direction.

The dimension of this product makes it compactly folded design push cart. The four wheels present the more stability and easy maneuverability. The frame also allows you an easy way to fold down those results in a small footprint. Sometimes, you have planned to play on the ground that is beside the mountain.

For this reason, a specific cart is required to present stability on a steep incline or hill. Therefore, the Clicgear designed four-wheel golf push cart that has a front wheel dual brake system. This braking feature is ideal for the players.


  • The four-wheel cart comes with front wheel braking system to keep it stable on the hill
  • The wheels are very comfortable to move and offer excellent maneuverability
  • Easy to adjust the alignment of the front wheels
  • You can fold or unfold the cart according to your preference and needs on the course


  • The folding and unfolding feature is a bit hectic one.

CaddyTek Deluxe SuperLite

Best Golf Push CartIt is never easy to access all the golf accessories during the golf courses with this CaddyTek push cart. The strap allows you to tighten your golf bag and enjoys the convenient carrying experience. This cart is designed with high-quality components that you can use it season after season without any worrying.

This CaddyTek SuperLite push cart is ideal for those golfers who prefer the portability and ease of carrying the golf accessories. The minimum effort is required to carrying own club, tees, and balls. The company also presents a one-year warranty.

Additionally, the CaddyTek presents three wheels full featured push carts such as simple braking system, convenient portability, and bag holder. It presents the easy and convenient way to hold the other accessories for you such as beverage holder, mesh net, and umbrella holder.

There is also a reliable and speedy braking system. This brake system works when you press the brake or just release this foot brake. The enhanced bag holder design fits perfectly in this pull cart to presents the gear secure and saves on the course.

That’s not all. . . The design of this CaddyTek Deluxe is easily fitted in most of the cars, trucks, and other vehicles. If you want a lightweight and high-quality material push cart then it is the right choice for you, the weight of this product is less than 12.2 lbs.

It is available on the market in two different colors as black/green and black/orange. You use the simple screw to adjust the alignments and maintain the wheels. The one front 8-inch and two main 11-inch wheels present the perfect traction and smooth rolling to you for your ease.


  • It features a strap that can hold your back tightly
  • You can use it in all seasons
  • It offers plenty of portability
  • The braking system of this bag is top notch


  • The cart doesn’t roll smoothly on all terrains

CaddyTek Super

Best Golf Push CartThe CaddyTek constructed the best push cart that comes with user-friendly cart. The strap also comes with this product to tightening your golf bag with this pull cart for your ease. The high-quality components are used to present the more durable cart that will be your best golf bag carrier.

You can easily carry the game accessories with you with minimum effort. Plenty of compartments allow you to hold the golf balls, tees, clubs, and other related equipment with you with any tension. It increases the portability and easy to fold and unfold.

Moreover, the frame of this CaddyTek golf cart is made by aluminum that is a lightweight and strong material. The weight of this cart is less than 15.3 lbs. it has adjustable and padded ergonomic handles that allow you to move the cart in different pushing positions.

Other storage areas also come with to hold another tool such as an umbrella holder, scorecard, and other apparatus. The manufacturer introduced the quick and simple braking system that helps to control the cart. The push and release mechanism is used to control the cart according to your requirements.

The bag holder design holds your golf bag that easily tightening the bag with the push cart. It ideally keeps the bag secure and safe. The front wheel alignments are most important because the front wheel is responsible to move the cart in a straight way.

If you want to align the cart’s wheel, simply use the screw and no other additional equipment are required. The extra feature that makes this cart popular is that it comes with a lightweight and has a 28-inch wide body. If you want a cart that shows the great balance while carrying the golf accessories, this is an ideal selection for you.


  • This cart also comes with a strap to keep your bag in place
  • The lightweight cart is very easy to maneuver and it works great on different terrains
  • There are an umbrella holder and different other pockets for you to place different accessories


  • The brake system is not top notch
  • It doesn’t go well on all terrains

Price Points

Some of the golf cart brands focus on utility while others rely on durability. However, whatever might be your preference; the price has always had the most significant role of them all. Most of the push golf carts vary from $200 to $400 if you are looking for top quality features.

If you are slightly short on the budget then you can also go for the carts with wheels that will cost you less than $150. It is up to you what do you prefer and what are you willing to give up. You can also opt for an electric golf push cart but of course, it will cost more than $400.

How to determine the best push cart?

In recent times, golf push carts have evolved a lot from their predecessors. Now you can find three-wheel and even four-wheel vehicles too. Pushing a cart instead of carrying it is nice energy conserving option on the green. This way you will be able to save energy for your booming drives and swings. Furthermore, it can assist you in focusing on your game and even taking it above a couple of notches too.

Factors to consider

There are various factors involved in choosing the best golf push carts. However, the primary feature is to look for stability and it comes from the number of wheels of a push cart. Another important feature is the compactness as well as the handle section. Let’s find out what other features contribute to making the best golf push carts.


The number of wheels a wide footprint is essential for stability. The golf push carts that don’t have stability will easily tip over in case of off-balancing. The balance will be great if your cart has a wider set of back wheels. Stability can be a significant element if there are numerous hills in your course. The only disadvantage that you will have here is that your push cart is not going to be very compact if you look for wide back wheels.


Another very important feature of a push cart is its compactness. It goes hand in hand with stability. The reason behind that is a cart that features a compact size will not offer enough stability, particularly on hilly courses. However, if you look to have stability and go for a wider base then you will have to compromise on compactness. Therefore you need to balance it out.

Handle Section

In simple words, we can say that investing in something that doesn’t fit you is worthless. A larger or a smaller player is not going to find a golf push cart very useful if s/he cannot make adjustments to it according to their body. The handle section involves the storage perspective. If there is a compartment that you can use then it will eradicate all the digging you have to do when finding something. It will automatically improve the speed of your rounds too.

Other features

There are other features that you must also consider. For instance, brakes and umbrella holders are two very handy features. Umbrella holders are more of a luxury than a necessity. However, if you are playing on a course that doesn’t have a long history with rainfall then you might not need it all. However, some people like to use an umbrella and when the sun is shining down a bit too hard.

Brakes are another one of a very nice feature but they are not mandatory either. You can easily park your push cart in a particular way and it will stay there without any issue. But having brakes will ensure everything stays in your control.

What Push Cart Fits You?

One thing you must keep in your mind is that a golf pull cart or a push cart is not for old timers anymore. Many young golfers are discovering various amnesties that these 3-wheel golf carts have to offers.

This cart allows you to save plenty of your energy on the course as you don’t have to carry anything on your back. Trolleys have been on the rise in recent times but golf pull carts and push carts remain widely popular.
Electric carts for golf and manual pull or push golf carts are some of the other types of these products. Each of these carts comes with their own positives and negatives. You need to think about the different features of each golf bag cart.

These features include brakes, accessories, storage weight capacity, materials, speed, fold-ability, assembling ease and control. The best type of cart will conform well to your needs and requirements. Now golf pull carts are good because they are not too expensive.

However, dragging them behind you on the green can be troublesome. Similar is the case with golf push carts too. You have to drag them in front of you and this can be a bit of trouble on the course. In addition to that both the manual carts also come with storage limits as well.

On the contrary, the electric golf push carts offer much better storage and weight capacity you don’t have to drag them as well. The issue, in this case, is high cost. These carts are expansive and their battery doesn’t last very long either. So the decision of choosing the best golf cart is all yours!


The 3.5+ Model from Clicgear is one of the best golf push carts that you will find on the market. It comes at a very good price and you can choose from eight different colors. It is very simple and easy to use. The cart is highly durable and extremely lightweight.

In addition to that, it also features a parking brake on the handle. The accessories that this cart has to offer include umbrella mount, a regular cup holder, and a tab for adding more stuff from Clicgear. It is made of aluminum tubing that is resistant to scratches and is aircraft grade.

It doesn’t require any maintenance and the tires of this trolley are airless as well. Above all, these features come at a very convenient price too. If you are looking to get your hands on a good quality golf push cart and don’t want to bend your wallet then this is the right option for you.