Six Best Golf Drivers Reviews & Comprehensive Buying Guide

Best Golf DriverYour best golf driver will provide you not only with distance in your shorts but accuracy as well. Whether you play your shanked drives dribbling along the ground or careen those wild ones off the fairway, there is a golf driver just right for the purpose. However, some golfers make their choices sparingly and ignore the true potential of these golf clubs.

The important thing that you need to keep in your mind is having control on your shots. If you don’t have control over your shots then teeing off can become a frustrating task. No golfer likes to hear the jeers of the opponents when taking out your best golf irons or a hybrid club while teeing off. Using such a club with making you sacrifice on distance while attaining accuracy.

In recent times, the manufacturers of golf clubs have introduced numerous technologies to these drivers. They understand the importance of these clubs and how they define your game. It enables players of different skill levels to enjoy success while teeing off. A driver will provide you with the most distance because of its long shaft. Furthermore, it also features a small loft angle on the face of the club too.

We understand the importance of these golf drivers. For this reason, we have developed top 6 best golf driver reviews. We will also provide you with a comprehensive buying guide to choose a top quality driver for your next game. This guide will enable you to look for certain features according to your skill-set. Whether you are a beginner or a professional or even a senior, our guide will assist you in finding the right club to have fun teeing off.

So, let’s begin!

Best Golf Driver Reviews

Golf Driver1
  • TaylorMade Men's R15 460 Driver
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 48 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Made In: USA
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Golf Driver2
  • Callaway Men's Big Bertha Alpha 815
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 48 inches
  • Weight: 0.96 ounces
  • Color: Black
  • Made In: USA
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Golf Driver3
  • Adams Golf Men's Blue Driver RH
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 48 inches
  • Weight: 1 pounds
  • Color: Blue
  • Made In: USA
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Golf Driver4
  • Taylormade Rocketballz
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Color: Yellow and Silver
  • Made In: USA
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Golf Driver5
  • TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner Driver
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Color: Black and Red
  • Made In: USA
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Golf Driver6
  • TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Made In: USA
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

R15 460 – Driver by TaylorMade

Best Golf DriverThe TaylorMade manufactured the golf club R15 driver using newly optimized metal-wood technology. The loft sleeve offers four different degrees for the superior opportunity for adjust-ability of lofts such as 9.5, 10.5, 12, and 14 degrees. The center of gravity forwards to support lower spins and higher launch.

What’s more? It is equipped with an advanced front track system that acts as a speed pocket. This technology assists you to decreases the spin along with increases the size of the sweet spot. The new split sliding weights present supreme fine-tuning.

The small sweet spot and small club head are not popular now a day due to clubs is designed by using new technologies. These technologies work with the concept of producing the most forgiving irons, which offers the best result to players who need to, do little of work as possible.

For the best experience, select of the weighting to fade shots, heel weighting to draw shots, split weighting to maximum stability, and any combination from them. This is the best golf driver 2018 has seen that presents low spin than other shots. R15 can be used by left and right both hand orientations


  • The golf driver shafts material is graphite which is evaluated with new Fujikura Speeder 57 shaft and offers three different flex such as regular, senior, and stiff
  • The advanced front track system presents like a pocket speed that helps to decrease the spin along with maximizing the size of the sweet spot
  • This driver is best for both hand left and right orientation where the center of gravity promotes lower spin with higher launch
  • The four different loft angles provide you greatest adjustability opportunity like 9.5, 10.5, 12 and 14 degrees
  • It is also accessible in black color with superior footprint and also available in satin white finish


  • There is not any extension tool is available for the shaft extension
  • The material of this driver is not anti-scratch where most players face such scratch after a couple of days

Big Bertha 815 – Driver by Callaway

Best Golf DriverThe Callaway Big Bertha driver is comprised of the combination of multiple materials such as Graphite, Diamana S+ Graphite, and Speeder 665 Graphite. This driver offers you club adjustability according to your need and preferences.

The Big Bertha driver is well known as a golf driver swing because it provides a chance to those players who have a swing trend. While playing possibly ball goes high, draw, slice, hook, and it fades. However, using this club you can alter it because it can easily be fitted in all golf players.

Moreover, it is equipped with advance RMOTO technology that gives the structure to keep the weight saves. This is for an ultra-thin face, which maintains the stability of it while elevating smash factor. All drivers of the Callaway come with stable and lighter face. The one and seven-gram ports permit you to set the driver to neutral fade bias and draw. The maximum adjustability provides eight different lofts -1, S, 1, 2, and angle draw, or neutral configuration.

This Callaway driver lowered the spin to give you the maximum distance. To maximize the distance with lower spin, begin with a forged composite crown for weight saving. Then there is need to add patented gravity core, which is for an adjustable gravity. This driver provides an ability to work with evolving swing without purchasing a new golf club. This lightweight driver comes with a superior shaft that presents the highest performance.


  • The construction of this driver is a combination of multi-materials such as Graphite, Diamana S+ Graphite, and Speeder 665 Graphite
  • This driver assists you to maximize distance as of lower spin by the adjustable center of gravity
  • The use of RMOTO technology, which maintains the stability in multiple factors
  • The golfers who are expert to play with both left and right-hand orientation can enjoy three different angles of loft-like 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees.
  • The performance of a premium lightweight shaft provides you more speed


  • It doesn’t provide to increase the speed from distance
  • The regular shaft is excessively flexible

Adams blue driver – Club For More Flex

Best Golf DriverThe sole slot of this Blue RH-driver makes it one of the best golf driver for beginners. The Adams Golf uses the Velocity Slot technology, which gives the more flex in the swing and more speed to the golfers. If you do not have a load of speed to swing the ball then you need a solid slot club.

Furthermore, this is a more forgiving club along with a larger sweet spot, which is a bigger area to hit the ball for getting a good result at the end. The larger area surface allows you to enjoy more spin with the low and back center of gravity. The center of gravity means that you can control the ball in both ways; one o kept the ball low and the other one is to allow the ball to spin more.

When you are trying to tee off, you also want a driver where the ball jumps off. There are many drivers to the golfer’s swing but RH-Driver is a great option that can actually work for you. If you are searching for a club with different flexes and a forgiving face with the highest performance, then this Adam golf Blue RH-driver can be a good option for you.


  • This driver offers a golfer more speed with more flex by using a Velocity Slot Technology
  • It is ideal and best golf driver for beginners to enjoy the golf
  • The easy launch system comprises with three fantastic features to provide more kick to the golfers
  • This club endorse a large surface area with a solid look
  • The center of gravity presents low and high spin or speed with more shots
  • This Blue driver offers more flexes, which delivers premium performance


  • The overall quality of this club could be better
  • It is not suitable for all golfers such as beginners, senior or experts

RocketBallz driver by TaylorMade

Best Golf DriverThe Rocketballz design has a high action driver that is faster and longer. The club-face is consisting of 4100 square millimeter which provides the club a large sweet spot. This is good because it increases the area where you can hit the ball without missing any shot.

Whenever golfers need high performance and distance, the Rocketballz driver is an ideal option for them. The Fujikura Rocket Fuel 50 gram shaft is constructed by using graphite material to promote the high speed of sing possible.

Furthermore, the use of inverted cone technology grated to the inner of the club-face that enlarges the club parts. This technology allows you to hit the ball higher with more spin speed, ultimately, what you want. The high speed of club translates to more speed of the ball in the longer distance as well. The non-glare white crown gives a shiny look to the driver and looks awesome in the hand while playing.

The advanced aerodynamics minimizes drag over the head that promotes faster speed of club head. The thick crown is also equipped with lower and higher center of gravity to supports the high launch, faster ball speed, and low spin.


  • The TaylorMade driver technologies offer five upright and seven standard loft opportunities
  • The non-glare white crown gives an attractive look to the club
  • It helps to keep the balance between the club performance and forgiveness
  • The graphite shift helps to promote the highest speed of the swing
  • The use of inverted cone technology make the clubface larger that allows hitting the ball in a speed
  • Rocketballz drivers offer high performance and distance to enjoy the largest sweet spot


  • The quality of the club’s face is not good enough

AeroBurner Driver by TaylorMade

Best Golf DriverThe TaylorMade manufactured AeroBurner driver by using advanced aerodynamic design and shape. The shape comes with a raised center crown, a new hosel fin, minimize drop from crown to skirt, a rounded toe, and all producing a lessening in drag for faster speeds of swing. The enhanced speed pocket facilitates for decreasing the spin for longer, increases the size of the sweet spot, and attractive forgiving shots on off-center hits.

Additionally, the shaft of this AeroBurner is made by using graphite and the flexes styles are available in three styles like regular, stiff, and senior. There are plenty of golf driving ranges, but this driver is best for those players who like to play with his right hand. The loft of this club is configured in three different degrees like 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees.

The head of this club is finished with new matte white, black PVD face, and linear AeroBurner crown makes the alignment in an easy way that added motivate confidence off the tee. This linear AeroBurner crown significantly enhanced the performance of speed pocket that is able to deliver maximum speed to those players who like to play golf.


  • The advanced aerodynamic shape of this driver comes with a raised center crown, new hosel fin, rounded toe, and much more
  • You can choose any flex styles according to your requirements and preferences because it is available in three styles such as regular, senior, or stiff
  • The enhanced speed pocket assists you to decrease the ball spin and increase the size of the sweet spot
  • It is manufactured with new TM speed grip and lightweight shaft with Matrix Speed RUL_Z that offers high-performance drivers
  • This driver can be accessible in three different lofts configurations such as 10.5, 12, and 9.5 degrees


  • The quality of this club is not good enough for pro golfers

SLDR Driver by TaylorMade

Best Golf DriverThe SLDR driver is easy to adjust according to the distance. The low and forward center of gravity allows low spin, high launch, and fast speed of the ball. Those expert players who want to play with the high launch are able to increase the loft as much as three or four degrees for best hit. Long distance comes from combining of the low rate of spin, high launch angle, and fast speed of the ball.

Moreover, the biggest advantage of the center of gravity makes it easier to use and more effective. Another benefit is that the weight of SLDR symbolizes a full reinvention of movable weight. The weight slides of SLDR on the track and never comes loose from the head of the club. You can re-position on the track by simply lose the screw, adjust the weight, and then easily tighten the screw again.

The TaylorMade manufactured this club by using an adjustable loft sleeve technology where you are easily adjusting your loft according to your preferences. There are different 12 positions with plus and minus ranges of degrees. The color, visual accent, and shape make it one of the best golf drivers. The design of this club is outstanding and more eye-catching due to a classic shape, the crown of charcoal gray, and chrome back button adds a stunning and remarkable appearance to it.


  • It comes with adjustable loft sleeve technology where you can adjust the loft according to your requirements and preferences
  • The eye-catching modern classic design and shape with a crown that is consist of charcoal gray
  • The center of gravity promotes low spin with fast speed of the ball
  • The flex of this driver is accessible in four styles such as regular, stiff, senior, and X-stiff
  • There are plenty of degrees available to adjusting your loft like 8, 9.5, 10.5, 12, and 14 degrees


  • The quality of the club head is not good enough

Price Points

Best Golf DriverGolf drivers are available in a variety of styles while each of them is designed to achieve a specific purpose. Most of them also come with designs that are ideal for specific players, such as seniors, beginners or handicappers. Because each of the design achieves a special purpose, golf drivers have different price ranges too.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly golf driver, then you can buy one from a garage sale. It will only cost you about $20 to $30. On the other hand, if you are planning to invest in the golf driver for multi purposes and users then you should be ready to pay anything around $300 to $500. Some people consider taking their game very seriously and they only look for high-end products.

If budget is not a constraint for you and you are only looking to buy the best golf driver, then a club from a branded outlet will cost you around $1000. It will come with all the bells and whistles too. However, this is the best golf driver for the money by far. Just focus on the features and what are you trying to achieve and then buy the product.

Most of the user-specific golf drivers designed for seniors, beginners or handicappers also have the same kind of price range. A good quality club is going to cost you around $300 to $500 a piece. If you are looking for a top of the line club then the price can go as high as $1500. Furthermore, you can buy non-branded or used products if the price is a major concern for you.

Some of the top brands

Best Golf DriverSome of the top brands to consider include TaylorMade, Cobra, Callaway, Mizuno, Titleist, and Wilson. Most of the golf driver models from these brands will range from $300 o $600. In this price range, you can conveniently find a top quality golf driver with ease.


Callaway is the top brand when you are looking for gold goods and accessories. Their drivers have made the list of top products consistently. One of the best features of Callaway is that they offer plenty of options to their customers when it comes to design and price.


TaylorMade is another brand with high regards in the industry. Many of their products are preferred by the professional golfers across the globe. The brand provides their customers with the latest technological features and has a good rating in terms of innovation.


If you are looking for some budget-friendly options then some of the models from Mizuno you must consider. Mizuno is highly recommended for those with intermediate skill level at the sport.


Wilson is another one of the highly regarded brands by professionals. It makes golf drivers that specifically focus on the good loft and providing your shot with precision too. The brand is known for its hybrids and game improvement irons.


Titleist brand emphasizes golf clubs designed for handicaps or different levels. If you are a mid or low handicapper then you must buy a driver from Titleist.


Do you prefer a good balance between price and performance? Then Cobra should be your choice. These drivers are made to provide distance to your shots. If you are a player that does not compromise on either distance or accuracy then Cobra is the way to go.

Game Improvements

Best Golf DriverThere are different types of golf drivers available on the market that is best for various purposes. Whether you are a beginner at the game or a pro, you will find some top-notch drivers in various prices. Manufacturers now understand the different requirements and preferences of each player. Therefore, they produce different products to cater the needs of different players.

You need to understand your preferences and skill-sets before you make a purchase. The features you need to consider must address your preferences and needs during the game-play. Otherwise, each of your shot will end up in frustration. Read more about golf equipment.

Best golf drivers for seniors

If you are looking for the best golf drivers for seniors, then you must keep in mind some important features. As you are getting old, your swing speed will reduce along with the power that you are able to put into your shots.

Driver materials

You must opt for materials that are very lightweight and you will be able to handle with ease. Heavy materials will make your driver very heavy. You might be able to cover the good distance with your shots but lifting your driver might be a little difficult.

Launch angle

As mentioned above, if you have slow swing speed then you will need a better launch angle. For instance, if our swing speed is around 70 to 80- miles per hour then a driver with a loft angle ranging from 12 to 14 degrees will work well. If you are swinging over 100 miles an hour then a loft angle ranging between 9 and 11 degrees will be suitable.


The drivers for seniors have most modifications in shafts. Shaft weight is a big factor because the lighter it is the better you are going to control it. Some of the materials that manufacturers use these days are very light and will allow you to take to make more controlled shots.

In addition, slow swing speed needs improved flexibility of the shaft. If you are still swinging over 110 miles an hour then you should opt for Extra Stiff shaft. If the speed is below this point then choose for more flexibility.

Furthermore, the length of the shaft is also crucial. You can achieve great distances with long shafts. However, the long shaft is difficult to control too.


As far as the weight goes, the seniors should opt for the heavy driver on the grip side as compared to the driver side. However, the difference should be fractional.

Best golf drivers for beginners

Best Golf DriverWhile looking for best golf drivers for beginners you must not opt for any high-end top quality driver. These drivers are designed for players with advanced skills. A beginner at the game must look for a forgiving driver.

Club head

The most forgiving driver is suitable for the beginners at golf. Forgiveness in terms of golf means the driver will control most of the shots that you miss. The club head needs to be big because it will provide you with a big sweet spot. Moreover, you must also have a look at the center of gravity. A driver with a well-balanced center of gravity towards the back side will give you more lofts. High loft angle is suitable for beginners.


For the beginner, the loft angel should be high and must be between 8 and 13 degrees. High loft in shot means that you will be able to get more flight and can make adjustments to the accuracy. In this scenario, more distance can cause trouble for the starters. Beginners have slow swing speed and for his reason, it will be difficult for them to make shots high in the air. High oft angle will automatically translate into long distances too.


People focus too much on their drivers and forget about the length of their shafts. The shafts either come with various flexibility ratings. The players who are more experienced at the game can opt for Extra Stiff shafts because they have very quick swings. However, the starters can opt for a more flexible design because they have slow swing speed. It means you must opt for a shaft that matches your swing speed.

Best golf drivers for mid handicapper

Best Golf DriverIf you are looking for the best golf drivers for mid handicappers, then you must look for special features. These drivers come with extra features that will enable you to perform well on the course.


You should opt for a lightweight driver that is made of carbon fiber or titanium. Steel drivers are heavy and are best suited if you have experience. However, you can opt for a club that is heavier at the handle as compared to the driver end.

Size of the club head

The most frequently used head size for golf drivers according to the rules of the game is 460 cc. if you are new to golf then opt for this size because it has a big sweet spot and there are low chances of mishits. Another benefit of large head size means that increased forgiveness too. It is essential for mid handicappers. The players with experience can opt for 440 cc size too if they like to shape their shots.

Driver Loft

The loft angle has a significant role to play if you are looking to get air in your shots. This way even at slow swing speeds you will be able to gain more distance. A range of 8 to 13 degree will be most suitable in this case.

Flexibility of shaft

If your swing speed is high which is a case of an experienced player then you should go for a stiff shaft. If you have slow swing speed and are new to the game, then you should prefer to use flexible shafts.

Length of shaft

In most cases, the mid-handicappers should look to get their hands on a driver that has a shaft length raging between 45 to 46 inches. The legal limit is 48-inch. A shaft length that ranges between 45 to 46 inches will provide you accuracy and distance.

Coefficient of Restitution

Some golf drivers come with high designed surfaces and increase the coefficient of restitution. If this coefficient is 1 then all of your swing energy is transferred to the ball. However, according to the rules this coefficient must not exceed 0.83. High coefficient will increase the speed of your shots.

Best golf drivers for intermediate players

Best Golf DriverWhile looking for best golf drivers for intermediate players, you must opt for a perfect balance between distance and precision. A driver that will provide you with both of these options will work wonders when you tee off.

Size of the club head

You must opt for a good size of the club head and according to the rules, you can go for a 460 cc club head. A large-sized club head will offer a big sweet spot and will reduce the chances of a mishit. It will also provide more distance to your shots.

The weight of the club head

The club head weight is another feature that you must consider before buying. Most of the modern models range from 265 gm to 310 gm. A lightweight club head will give you more swing speed which means that you will get more distance. A strong player should go for a heavy driver and s/he will be able to produce even more distance.

Length of the shaft

The maximum length of the shaft in the rules is 48-inch. Most of the companies remain consistent in produce drivers with lengths that range from 43-inch to 46-inch. Short shafts are easy to control but they will not allow you to cover more distance as compared to their longer counterparts.

The angle of the loft

Then there is the loft angle of the driver. A driver with an angle less than 10 degrees will provide you with a low arcing shot and vice versa. Most of the drivers come with 8 degrees and 12 degrees loft angle. If you are very experienced then go for a low loft angle driver.

Center of gravity

Center of gravity is the weight balance of a driver and it can also vary from one model to another. If the weight of the driver is balanced towards the backside of the driver then it will enable you to get a good loft in your shots. Furthermore, you will also get a high rate of backspin. For an intermediate player, this is the best option of providing the player with a balance of accuracy and distance.

Feeling & Golf Driver Swing

Best Golf DriverThe feeling and golf driver swing depends upon various factors. There are various factors that you must consider before buying a driver. You must have a look at the shaft, as well as the wedge of your driver.

Feeling, swing and golf driving range significantly rely on various shaft types. Steel golf driving shafts are heavy and they provide good precision and accuracy. Golfers with quick swing speed at par should prefer this variety. Graphite golf driving shafts are also available and are best suited for seniors and ladies because they are light. These shafts provide more drive for maximum distance and are best suited for slow swing speed.

Shaft flex is another aspect to consider. If a player uses more force, then s/he must go for a shaft with a good swing. You can either go for slow, or fast, jerky, abrupt or smooth.

In addition to that, there are five rating categories for a shaft flex too. These shafts are Extra Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Senior or Light and Ladies. As the shaft will flex during your swing, the club head would change its direction too. Hence, you must keep the head as square or straight as you can for best shot results.

Types of drivers

Best Golf DriverThere are different types of golf drivers. Some of them come with different heads while others come with different shafts. There is a good bit of variety available for lofting and innovation in this field has introduced weighted to the game as well.


Most of the drivers come with large heads and big sweet spots. You need to either opt for a steel-headed driver that is small in size but stays consistent with the passage of time. These heads are less forgiving and hard to hit. On the other hand, there is a titanium option available too.

These heads are larger than their steel counterparts. They also have bigger sweet spots as compared to steel ones and have a bigger price tag too. Furthermore, titanium composites heads are also available and these fall in between the steel and titanium heads both in terms of quality and price.


Loft controls how high you will be able to hit your ball. The most common ones used by the golfers go from 11-degree to 18-degree. It is important to find a loft that optimizes your driver’s length. You must understand the loft maximization that increases the flight and ground roll.

The low-handicappers prefer to go for less than 11-degree loft to reduce side spin. It will result in high slices and hooks. However, experienced players are good with their swings and are able to handle club face angles that are less forgiving.

Weighted Drivers

Weighted drivers came out of innovation and are the newest breed in this area. These drivers have taken over the market by storm. If you want to take control of the ball’s flight then weighted drivers will suit you well.

There are removable weights on the drivers that will enable you to change the feel of our shots. The feeling and swing changes according to the number of weights and how you have positioned them. This way, you will be able to decide on what flight path you should opt. However, you must make sure your swing remains consistent.


The modern-day drivers are very different from their old counterparts. Back in the day, wooden drivers known as 1-woods were very common. They had long club length and minimal loft and these two are their only similarities with the modern age drivers. The manufacturers now focus on reducing mishit. A golfer, who uses a slightly open face to hit the ball, sends the ball to the far right of the target. Furthermore, such an off-target mishit will make you compromise on distance too.

Therefore, you need to consider the driver that provides a one-stop solution to all teeing off issues. The R15 from TaylorMade is one such total package. It is the best golf driver suitable for all types of players, whether you are a professional, an intermediate player or a beginner, the R15 will get the job done for you. It is also a good option for mid handicappers and seniors too.

If feel deciding on a golf driver is a complicated task, then go for the R15 driver. The other drivers on our list are designed for more specific purposes. We would recommend them only if you understand your game level and skills.

A good quality golf driver will enable you to make those big booming drives with plenty of accuracies without compromising on distance. For this reason, we provided you with our best golf driver reviews along with fully detailed buying guide. It will enable you to focus on all the minor details before buying the best product for your next outing. Now, you will be able to tee off to great distances with excellent precession.