About me

My name is Gary Johnson and I work as a part time golf teacher and golf salesman in PGA Megastore. This is my website and I am fortunate to share all the golf information, reviews and new golf gadgets I get my hands on here with my readers at: https://www.drgolfreviews.com/

I am lucky to work in the sport I have loved for most part of my life. Usually when I meet new clients, they often ask me how old I was when I began playing golf. My answer is always the same too old, but please do not let that bother you. I was in my twenties when I started playing golf, I have been playing golf for the most part of my life since then.

I started as a young kid playing with my grandfather and I could feel it straight away that this was great sport. Playing with him are one of the best memories I had with my grandfather. Unfortunately when he was not around to push me out on the golf course. I started to spend more time playing football growing up and through all my high school. One day when I realized that I was not going to be good enough football player I went back to the sport I have always loved.

After going back to playing golf, that is the time where I truly found myself again. Thanks to my grandfather who took me with him golfing at early age. That is one of the best decisions I ever made. Today I am PGA PRO golf teacher and golf salesman. I am family man with two grownup daughters and when we have time we love to practice and play golf together. It is the best family sport I can think of. I dedicate Dr. Golf reviews to my grandfather who worked as a doctor.

The main reason for starting this website is to share my golf knowledge, golf reviews and newest golf gadgets with my readers.

Hope you enjoy my writings.

Best regards,

Gary Johnson