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GolfIt is important for any golfer, amateur, pro or someone who loves to tee off now and then to know about high quality golfing equipment.  The Dr. Golf Reviews is aiming to be the best source for information on golf clubs, equipment, gadgets, and gear such as rangefinders, golf apparel, training equipment, golf bags, golf balls and many more.

Whether you want to become a professional golfer and follow the steps of Tiger Woods, or just want to be good golfer among your golf buddies. You will find needs for the best golfing clubs and equipment you can get your hands on. If you are regular golfer, you already know how important golf gear is. Search on the internet can be confusing, takes time and there are number of different brands available. Some of them are poor quality, but we will help you to find good quality gear.

At The Dr. Golf Reviews we are focusing on to provide information covering all the best brands you will find good enough for your golf career or hobby. We are determined to guide you in choosing the right golf clubs, best golf balls, best golf rangefinders and anything else that you need to make a great shot or the perfect putt. We want to make your life easier, we provide professional guides, reviews on many different golf products and equipment. That will assist you in choosing the right product for you based on golf expert´s reviews.

As your experience on the field will be completely depending on it, we take our work extremely seriously and we are determined to guide you perfectly. For any golfer, his golf clubs are the most important. It gets very confusing especially for beginners when selecting golf clubs.

Golf Drivers

Golf DriversWoods clubs consist of the driver and the fairway woods. They are called wood because their club heads were used to be made of wood. Now they are usually made of steel or a titanium alloy. The woods are the clubs that have the largest heads compared to all other clubs (it is typically hollow with rounded lines) and it also has the longest shafts. The biggest head and shaft, they are easiest to identify. Due to its length, it can swing the fastest, that is why they are used for longest shots. For beginners the driver also known as 1 wood and is most difficult to master. High quality drivers that fits your needs should help any golfer.

Golf Clubs

Golf ClubsIrons come in many different sets, ranging from 3 iron to 9 iron. It is also called a pitching wedge. They are called iron because their club heads are made of metal. Their club heads are smaller as compared to woods. Irons’ faces have angled that help grips the golf ball. If you are a beginner then you must go for irons described as “game improvement” or “super game improvement” as they are the best iron for new golfers.

There are three types of irons. Long, mid and short irons. For most beginners, short irons are the top irons as they are easier to hit than other two.

Golf Wedges

Golf WedgesWedges are the most noteworthy clubs in golf clubs, it is intended for short approach shots, chip shots and pitch shots, and any shot where golfer needs to strongly raise the ball. Wedges are like irons, however, golfers consider wedges a sub-set of irons, or as specific irons. They are frequently thought of as their own classification of golf clubs. From the 1930´s forward, up until the 20th century even best golfers often carry just two wedges,

Pitching wedge is the lowest-lofted of the wedges, pitching wedges and is part of irons. It is one of the fundamental clubs each golfer carries. Sand wedge is outlined particularly to easily make hitting shots out of bunkers. Today, the other two wedges that are basic are hole wedge and heave wedge.

Golf Putters

Golf PuttersPutters are the most special golf clubs. It comes in a rich variety of shapes and sizes. It is most confusing or may be easiest to select a putter because there is no right or wrong putter. There will be a putter that will be most suitable for you. A putter is used typically for the last strokes played on a golf hole – for knocking the ball into the hole. Putters come in three styles of the club head, and three different of lengths. All putters, without any regard of size or shape, are designed to make the ball starts rolling smoothly, with a minimum of backspin to prevent slipping or skidding. Every putter does have some amount of loft.

Golf Balls

Golf BallsUsing the same ball during practice as you do in your competitions will assist in improving the feel and performance. Now, there are different types of golf balls available. Some of them are firm while others are soft. There are different materials used in their construction as well including urethane for best control and spin. However, these are expensive too. You can experiment as much as you like to understand whether the extra cost really brings in the value.

Of course, you have to consider whether you are going for long yards off the tee or just having fun on the greens. There are different brands that offer the best golf balls including TaylorMade, Srixon, Titleist, Callaway and many others.

If you are a beginner then look for the balls that provide you with more control and right softness for correct balance and feel. For the players with intermediate or pro level game, firm balls will be the best option.


Best Golf RangefindersWhen we talk about golf gadgets, one of the most important pieces of equipment comes to our minds is a golf rangefinder. A rangefinder will help you in making those best straight drives and reduce scores. You will become the envy of your golf fellows too. One thing you should keep in mind is that even the best golf rangefinder is not going to improve your game if you are a beginner because you will have to develop some skills at making those accurate tees. But if you are at intermediate or pro level then this gadget will surely work wonders.

After all, you won’t be able to hit your target with precision if you don’t know how far it is. There are different types of golf rangefinders available on the market with a variety of features to offer. With these gadgets, you are able to find the right slope and distance to make that perfect shot. These rangefinders are equipped with various technologies including slope switch, slope compensation, and pin seeker to enable you to determine various aspects of your next shot with accuracy.

Upgrading the golf game is not only about adding the new clubs and balls, it is about to try different innovative things as well. The GPS watch is one of the best activity-tracking devices, which is now affordable for all golfers. Plenty of watches are available on the market with multiple advanced features and other technologies for improving your games.

Training Equipment

Training EquipmentGolf net has a significant role to play when it comes to improving the skills at your game. Golf practice net is a critical part of your equipment because it enables you to hone your skills in making those big booming drives. This net will enable you to improve your game right in the comfort of your home. Even being a beginner at the game, you will be able to boost your swing and control like a professional.

There are various factors that you must consider when buying a top quality golf practice net. These factors include color, size, durability, price, and others. You can categorize these nets into two broad categories. One is there to last for many years while others while only last for a couple of months and might put you through a lot of damages or injuries. High durability guarantees that your net is going to out-value the money you paid for it.

Another two crucial factors are versatility and portability. Portability offers you the ability to set up and take down your net as quickly and as efficiently as possible. On the other hand, if you are looking for versatility then you will be able to use more than one clubs when playing your shots.

The golf mats are a perfect way for practicing at home to improve your game. You can use multiple mats in indoor as well as for outdoor. Many golf mats are weather resistant and others are only being used for indoor practice. It is accessible in different sizes on the market and each mat varies according to its quality, durability, and features. You can choose the appropriate golf mat for practicing according to your budget.

Golf Shoes

golf shoesDifferent manufacturers design different types of athletic shoes to cater the needs and requirements associated with different sports. For instance, the best golf shoes offer excellent support and balance to the feet and stance of the golf player. In addition to support and balance, this footwear also offers comfort, stability, flexibility, versatility, and breath ability too. You can also go for extra padding if you want more support when you drive the balls. Manufacturers use different types of highly breathable materials to wick moisture for keeping your feet sweat-free and cool all the time.

Now there are two distinct types of golf shoes. There are spiked models and their spikeless counterparts. The spiked golf shoes offer good grip and the player is able to make those sharp turns during hitting a shot. On the other hand, the spikeless shoes are better for the course than the player because they won’t damage the terrain. Both these designs offer extreme comfort and support.

We recommend you to opt for the best spikeless golf shoes because they are cheaper than their spiked counterparts. In addition to that, you won’t get banned playing on different courses wearing them as well.

Golf Gloves

best Golf Gloves guideThe golf gloves are one of the most important accessories of the golf game because it provides a great grip to hold your club. The gloves help to achieve your goal with accuracy. You can access multiple golf gloves from the market and these are different according to their durability, quality, and features. These are also available at an affordable price so that all type of player can purchase the gloves for improving the scorecard of their game.

Most gloves offer a firm grip with the highly breathable and all-weather feature. You can purchase long lasting gloves in multiple sizes and ideal for both left and right-hand players.

Golf Bags

Golf BagsYou need more than what you think if you want to improve your game. Therefore, you need to have the right kind of equipment and gear to enable you to hone your skills and be the best in the game. Good gear is not only important for the professionals or intermediates but for the beginners as well.

High-quality gear and equipment will enable you to perform better and improve your skills quicker. An essential piece of gear you need to have is a topnotch golf bag. Buying a good quality golf bag doesn’t mean that you need to break your wallet in half.
It also doesn’t mean you need every possible feature in one bag. You just have to focus on functionality, durability and adequate weight. You need to have a look at the divider system and compartments of your bag.

If you have a good collection of clubs or want to carry different types of golf balls, a bottle, some tees, or an extra glove then you need to have a suitable number of dividers because you don’t want your clubs to clang together on the field. Its weight and size need to be appropriate as well. You don’t want to carry out a huge load on the field where you should be hitting the balls.

Golf push cart

Golf push cartThe pushcarts are a tremendous way to carry your golf club with you. It gives the player multiple athletic benefits. There is no need to hold your clubs over your shoulder. It is a convenient way to take all the essential accessories with you when you are going to play a round of golf game.

Many Companies presents the golf pushcarts with multiple features such as some are works with small electric motors and others are human-operated. It provides a different kind of stability by providing two or three wheels cart for rougher terrain. Some are fold-able and best or traveling but it all depends on your budget.

Golf courses

Golf coursesThe golf course is comprised of multiple holes where every hole is consisting of a teeing ground and much more. A standard golf course has eighteen holes. Some courses share greens or fairways and some other offers nine holes and players play two round of the game. Some golf courses are open all days while others are available on weekends. Many countries offer great golf courses and the rates of each golf course vary according to facilities.

Some golf courses provide you with a general facility and others give high-quality services. If you want great memories, then choose the high-quality golf course that presents all the services to you with ease.

Bottom line

Experienced golfers take their golf equipment and clothing seriously on and off the golf course. If you want the best golf products and equipment you will need the right information that will lead to high quality items. Our guides and reviews will get you closer to the best golf products available.

Read Dr. golf reviews and find out which golf clubs, golf balls, golf bags, golf training equipment, golf apparel and rangefinders are the best on the market, before your next tee.